My Back Workout 4

Personally, I love training more than one muscle group at a time for a larger overall calorie burn and a more effective workout.
However, I structure my split so that the main focus is on one muscle (in this case, back) with a secondary focus on another muscle (in this case, glutes). The rest of my split looks like this;

Tuesday- Main Focus: Back and Biceps, Secondary Focus: Chest, Shoulders and Triceps
Thursday- Main Focus: Legs, Secondary Focus: Back and Biceps
Saturday- Main Focus: Chest, Shoulders and Triceps, Secondary Focus: Legs
Sunday- Main Focus: Core

Of course, this is what I find works best for me and while I recommend that you try it, I encourage you to do what is best for you and your body.

So a few things to note about my workout.
1. I love Compound Exercises: any exercise that involves the use of more than one muscle group at a time. I love them because it allows me hit more than one muscle at a time, acts as a cardio workout and burns the most amount of calories.
2. I work in a rep range of 8-12, with either 3 or 4 sets of every exercise.
3. With every workout, I always try to add more weight (no matter how small, even if it’s 1kg) OR another rep. That’s how you advance.
4. I change around the order of exercises or just the exercises from time to time as well, just to ensure that my body doesn’t adapt and reach a plateau.
5. With every exercise, always try to go as heavy as possible. Do not fear heavy weights (especially you, ladies!), they will shape and “tone” your body the fastest.
6. S/s stands for “superset with.” This means that after completing one exercise, you move onto the next without a break. Great for getting your heart-rate up.

However, here’s a snapshot of what I did on Tuesday.
Warm up:
Ergo 5 mins
Foam Roller 10 mins

Pull Ups are a great compound exercise for your Back and Arms.

Pull Ups are a great compound exercise for your Back and Arms.
Credit to @owerashidat

Working Sets:
Deadlifts: 4 sets of 10-12 reps (until fail)
s/s Seated Calf Raises: 4 sets until fail.

Long Rows on the TRX: 4 sets of 12 reps.
Pull Ups: 3 sets of 10 reps.
s/s Close Grip Pulldowns: 3 sets of 10 reps.
Chest Press: 3 sets of 12 reps.
s/s Bicep Curls: 3 sets of 10 reps.
One Handed Rows: 3 sets of 12 reps (each side).
Straight Arm Pulldown3 sets of 10 reps.
s/s Arnold Press; 3 sets of 8 reps.
Leg Drops: 3 sets of 12 reps (with dumbbell between feet)
s/s Crunches on Exercise Ball: 3 sets of 20 reps (with weightplate held behind head).
Oblique Crunches on Hyperextension Bench: 3 sets of 12 reps each side.
Seated Rows: 3 sets of 12 reps.
s/s Forearm Strength and Grip Work. 




So there you have it! Try this routine and let me know how you find it.
If you have any questions about it, just comment below and I’ll get back to you.

Stay Strong,

NOTE: Featured pic- Photo Credit: @dannibelle

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4 thoughts on “My Back Workout

  • Danielle

    Thank you for posting your advice and recipes without having to purchase anything. I know helping others can be time consuming, but it’s awesome know that people want to help just because! Thank you!

  • Faye

    Hi! I’m in love with your Instagram and web page! Making the chicken feta and spinach recipe as we speak!
    So glad to stumble across your weekly workout plan as I’m starting to consider working out using splits.
    I was just searching for some advice I guess as I’m still learning about weight training for women…
    I pretty much demolished cardio to loose my baby fat and then started super sets 12 weeks ago, aiming to tone up but still fat burn (just something my bf helped me put together)
    I workout 4 times a week just over an hour and it’s always a full body workout.
    normally 8 excercises altogether….so Ill superset 2 then sprint for 60-90 with a minute rest between. I love it! But to be honest it kills my body and with a year old baby to run around with and a job I’m knakered!
    I’m really interested in focusing more on spliting my workouts that way I can focus more on specific areas because by the end of a lot of my workouts I’m so exhausted for example my abs set fails!
    I’m loving the idea of main focus and secondary focus. How many excercises per workout and how long do your workouts last? Perhaps you could send me an example what excercises are best paired with what!?
    Thanks for your time!
    Hope to hear from you soon

    • Fitandfiesty Post author

      Aww thanks Faye! Let me know how the Chicken works out- it’s one of my fave recipes 🙂
      Wow – your workouts sound pretty exhausting but well done for keeping it up! I’m in awe of all that you do, especially with having to look after your child as well! I think that if you find you’re getting too tired, I would definitely recommend using a split but also, you could cut down on the cardio and instead, focus on your diet to keep the weight off/lose more? That way, your muscles get a break but you can still drop body fat (and hopefully put on muscle after).
      My workouts last from about 1-1.5hrs and the number of exercises varies a lot because sometimes I like to focus on going super heavy, with longer rest periods and more sets (like 5 sets of 10 reps, as opposed to 3), while other times, like yourself, I like supersetting to get my heart-rate up. I think that if you choose enough exercises to target all the muscles you need to work- that should be enough.
      Does that make sense?
      Much Love,

      • Faye

        Hi thanks so much for the reply! Chicken was amazing made it two nights running! I’m really good with diet in fact so so strict! Complete clean eating freak! I eat little and often and quite tight on my macros. Consuming around 1700 calories per day but don’t know if that’s really enough either? I suppose it’s giggling it all about to fit it in with the workout to see the best results?! So I’m back from a week away and ready to train splits. Would you recommend still doing some cardio perhaps one day a week? A friend who bodybuilds keeps telling me that he never ever does cardio but I can’t quite seem to shake off the idea of not! Thank you for your so much for your help I’m going to build my new workout today using your ideas…!
        Thank you so much x