How to Keep Healthy While Travelling

So you’ve just booked a trip to (insert amazing, foreign destination here) and you’re incredibly excited BUT you’re nervous about losing some of the progress you’ve achieved. DON’T WORRY! I’ve written up all my personal tips and tricks to staying on track and enjoying yourself while on holiday.

I myself am heading off to Europe in a week (!!!) so I completely understand what’s going on through your mind right now.

I wish I had suitcases as amazing as these! Photo courtesy of

Firstly, bring some foods from home. I’m not saying your whole pantry, but perhaps, a few staples that you can’t live without.

I usually take Whey Protein, Quest Bars, Dried Papaya (fave snack ever!) and a box of Raw Nuts. Just be sure to check the regulations of the country you’re heading into. I know dairy and fresh fruit can sometimes be a problem.

Next, while on holiday, don’t be afraid to ask your waiters to modify a meal to suit your nutritional needs. This could mean swapping a side of fries for a salad, fried chicken for grilled chicken breast, dressing on the side etc.
Most places will be more than happy to oblige, but if not, it’s okay! You can either choose to indulge (nothing wrong with that once in a while) or just leave it on your plate.



In terms of exercise, you can either

a) Plan it to coincide with a rest week (if you’re unfamiliar with why you should take a week off from training every once in a while, check this out). That way, you can completely relax during your holiday and not think once about lifting.

b) Find a hotel with a gym. It doesn’t have to be a fancy, high-end one.. A couple of free weights, a barbell and you’re set! Strip your workout back to the basics with heavy compound movements; squats, deadlifts, lunges, pullups, bench presses etc. That way you’ll also be able to hit as many muscle groups as possible, in much less time! Allowing you to return to lounging on the beach or discovering amazing tourist attractions.

c) If option a or b won’t work for you, do some research into workout that require only minimal equipment. You’d be amazed with what you can do with just your body weight. YOUTUBE is your friend for this. Search for “at-home workouts.”

Also, find ways to remain active during your stay. This can include the simplest of things, such as walking to tourist attractions, bike riding around cities or hiking to beautiful natural wonders. Bring a good pair of walking/running shoes, so you can get up and moving whenever is convenient. I personally LOVE running on the beach, rockclimbing, and shopping (that counts as cardio.. doesn’t it??).

Running on sand in hard, but the view is oh so worth it.

But most importantly of all, remember to enjoy yourself!! Realise that you work you a** off for the rest of the year, and that you deserve a holiday. Use it to catch up with friends and family, relax and rejuvenate, so that when you return home, you’re more than ready to continue killing it in the gym and the kitchen.

Hope this was of use to you 🙂 Have a lovely, lovely trip.
Stay Strong,


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