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About Us

We are a small business, located in Melbourne, Australia.
After years and years of missing out on amazing and innovative new Health Products on the market, due to our location (or being charged exorbitant prices for them), we got sick and tired and decided to take action. Why not bring them out here ourselves?
Now we aim to provide Health Conscious Australians everywhere with the newest and most popular products on the market, at no added cost for you.

1) I don’t have a PayPal Account, can I still pay with a Credit Card?
Absolutely! Just select the PayPal option and after the site redirects you to PayPal, you will be given the chance to enter your credit card details.

2) I don’t live in Australia, can I still purchase items and get them shipped to me?
Due to my limited knowledge on International Shipping rates I haven’t made international shipping possible. However, if you send me an email (sarahrav21@gmail.com) describing what items you’d like to buy, I can check how much shipping would cost and totally get items sent out to you!

Note: you can purchase my eBooks worldwide!

3) Can I return a product?
If the product is completely unopened, send me an email (sarahrav21@gmail.com) and we can discuss returns.
Unfortunately, if the packaging has been broken or torn then this will not be possible due to the nature of what we sell.

If you were unhappy with the product, again, send me an email describing why and hopefully, we can sort something out.

4) Why don’t you stock ___(insert product name here)___?
As we have just launched our store, we only stock a limited range of products at the moment. However, we are slowly but continuously expanding so just leave a comment below if you have a suggestion. We’d love your feedback.

5) I live in Melbourne, could I pick up the order, instead of getting it shipped to me?
Of course!
Our warehouse address is 486 Greensborough Road, Greensborough, VIC 3088. Just use the coupon code “pickup” at the checkout, to waive the shipping fee. Alternatively, use the coupon code “cashpayment” if you’d like to pay by cash on pickup.
From there, I will send you an email to organise what date best works for you to pick up your parcel.

6) How will I receive my eBook?
After completing the payment, the eBook file will be available for you to download straight away, onto whatever device you are using.
This will be in the form of a PDF file, so it is recommended that you save it somewhere you will remember 🙂
You will also receive a payment confirmation emaill, in which the download link will also be located.


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